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    HHN's therapies have helped me physically and psychologically, I can only say that I am reborn. Thank you HHN.

    Bosnian Client treated by HHN

    Before having the treatment, I found it difficult to walk because of the pain, I was sceptical at first as to how it would help me. To my amazement afterwards I was pain free, What a wonderful feeling, Thank You.

    I.C. Veteran, HHN Client, Combat Stress

    It's very comforting to have Healing Hands at our group and to see how they bring change, hope and positive energy to our lives in a very practical way. Thank you so much

    JS, Combat Stress London Co-ordinator

    To be a part of the recovery process of these suffering Veterans, who struggel with everyday life, is so humbling and inspirational. To know i have helped makes it all worth while.

    S.S., HHN Therapist

    It was a beautiful, touching, rewarding and hugely profound experience. One I will never forget and one I am extremely grateful to have been able to have experienced.

    A.R, HHN Volunteer

    These wonderful therapists thrill me with their desire to come and spend two weeks in Sarajevo and help someone they have never met before.

    Nadija Pinjo, Co-ordinator HHN Sarajevo

Dedicated to the relief of suffering from the mental, physical and emotional after-effects of war. Treating people overseas and in the UK forces

3 wonderful ladies were watching the Balkan conflict, Genocide and Siege of Sarajevo on the TV in the early 1990’s and were wondering how on earth they could help.

When the war ended in 1996 and the Dayton Accord signed with the ink barely dry and gunfire still cracking in the background, they travelled over to Sarajevo. All they had were their Healing Hands. They gave Reiki, Healing and other Complementary Therapies freely to whoever needed some gentle help.  They worked on floors, in bombed out homes and the hospitals. Therapist friends wanted to help too and Healing Hands Network was born.



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Healing Hands Network

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Dedicated to the relief of suffering from the mental, physical and emotional after-effects of war. Treating people overseas and in the UK forces