Healing Hands Network


    HHN's therapies have helped me physically and psychologically, I can only say that I am reborn. Thank you HHN.

    Bosnian Client treated by HHN

    It was a beautiful, touching, rewarding and hugely profound experience. One I will never forget and one I am extremely grateful to have been able to have experienced.

    A.R, HHN Volunteer

    These wonderful therapists thrill me with their desire to come and spend two weeks in Sarajevo and help someone they have never met before.

    Nadija Pinjo, Co-ordinator HHN Sarajevo

Dedicated to the relief of suffering from the mental, physical and emotional after-effects of war. Treating people overseas and in the UK forces

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Suggested Book List

(All available from Amazon through 'The Giving Machine')

Besieged - Barbara
Demick In The Land of Blood and Honey DVD Angelina Jolie
The Place at the End of The World
Madness Visible
The Quick and the Dead - Under Siege in Sarajevo
The Morning They Came For Us - Dispatches from Syria
Ghosts by Daylight - all by - Janine Di Giovanni
They Would Never Hurt a Fly - Slavenka Drakulic
Natasha's Story - Micheal Nicholson
Bosnias Million Bones - Christian Jennings
Girl at War - Sara Novic
Goodbye Sarajevo - Alka Reid and Hana Schofield
The Cellist of Sarajevo - Stephen Galloway
The Longest Winter - Kevin Sullivan
Like Eating A Stone - book and DVD - Wojaech Tochman
War Cake - Linda Flynn Beekman
As If I Am Not There - Slavenka Drakulic
Rose of Sarajevo - Ayse Kulin
The Lightless Sky - Gulwali Passerlay
Painting in The Sand - Kim Hughes GC ( veterans book )
Healing Trauma - Peter D Levein
Freedom From Pain - Peter D Levein
Why Am I Sick - Richard Flook